People centred solutions. Better outcomes for cities.

Melbourne + Singapore

Ten City Solutions is a new Urban Strategy consultancy for Katherine Murray.


Ten City Solutions reimagines urban institutions, spaces and networks, placing public life and the public realm at the centre of city life.

Ten City Solutions is committed to promoting social infrastructure, developing the physical fabric and organisation frameworks that shape the way people interact, creating rich and connected pieces of the city.

Ten City Solutions advances the planning of liveable cities for people, enabling these cities to sustainably support creativity, enterprise, civil society and active, multi-generational communities.

Ten City Solutions delivers a global perspective, with first hand experience of best practice across four continents.

Ten City Solutions brings a holistic view to the process of city making. Using joined-up thinking, Ten City Solutions takes an integrated and interdisciplinary approach, creating human centred solutions to real world problems.


Katherine Murray is an internationally experienced urbanist with a background in architecture, urban design and sustainable development. She has recently joined RMIT’s Centre for Urban Research, building partnerships and development for the soon to be launched Australian Urban Observatory. Katherine is passionate about achieving better outcomes for cities and driving urban strategy and community engagement to reach these goals.

In 2018, Katherine returned to Melbourne after 20+ years living, working and studying in a range of global cities, including significant periods in Oxford, London, New York, Tokyo and Singapore.

In 2015, Katherine founded Young Urbanists, a social enterprise focused on urban education. Young Urbanists collaborates with schools, institutions and local government, developing compelling educational content, enabling young people to make sense of the cities they live in.

Prior to Young Urbanists, Katherine’s architectural and urban design work focused on social infrastructure, particularly in education (designing school and university buildings and masterplans) and international development (participatory interventions in informal urban settings), involving complex projects in numerous cities and contexts. Katherine is a registered architect, holding a BArch from RMIT University, an MSc in Development Practices from Oxford Brookes University and is a graduate of LSE Cities ‘London and Global Cities’ program.